Get Moving with Katja

Get Moving with Katja is a project that has started as a consequence of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical activity.

A purpose of this online video channel is finding a way to well-being and not necessarily a place to get an instant recipe for a weight loss diet. It is intended primarily for women and focuses on a safe exercising during the pregnancy and after the childbirth, exercises for pelvic floor muscles, warm-ups and stretching exercises and cardio and dance training.

I hope that over time Get Moving with Katja channel will grow into a supportive community of women who will support, encourage and inspire each other.


At the end of 2020 I’ve upgraded my movement skills with training for pre and postpartum exercise, for which I’ve also received two certificates: »FemFit Instructor – exercises in pregnancy and postpartum« (Continuing Education Course at level 5 in European Qualification Framework in Active Leisure (5 EQF)) and »Pre and Post Natal Instructor – IFPA Certification«.