Dance Workout for Women

TIME: the sessions are not happening at the moment. For more info and registration please contact me via

LOCATION: Avenija Plesa, Celovška 111, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (across Kino Šiška)

The price for 4 sessions is 35 EUR (1 session is 60 minutes).

This dance workout, Get Moving with Katja, is not meant to be another weight loss programme.  This is a workout for all of you, who want to move and stretch your body and start a day with a smile on your face. It consists of cardio dance moves, that will exercise your heart and resistance exercises that will work your muscles. We will also make sure that we stretch our body at the end of every session. Get Moving with Katja dance workout is suitable and meant for all the ladies, from the youngest to the wisest ones. The workout can be adjusted to be safe performing during the pregnancy and after the childbirth. You don’t need any dance or gym experience – all you need is a good will and a bottle of water! Welcome!