Solo Swing or Solo Jazz 2

TIME: Mondays from 19:15 until 20:30

LOCATION: Avenija Plesa, Celovška 111, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (across Kino Šiška)

The price for 4 sessions is 40 EUR.

Solo jazz (also Vernacular Jazz dance or Authentic Jazz dance) has its roots in Afro-American traditional dances. The authenticity and individuality of each and every dancer that interprets the music by its own inspiration and understanding are the uniquenesses of this dance. The ways of doing a step or a move are as many as there are dancers. The only thing in common is the rhythm. It is all about a dialog between the music and the dancer. And that is the beautiful characteristic of jazz dance and music, that keeps us on our toes!

We will be adding more complex rhythms and combinations and will focus more on body movement and improvisation. Basic vernacular jazz dance experience required.